Controlling your time is the highest dividend money pays.

Layup Trades is the perfect place to subscribe for those traders who don't have the time to follow the market but have the desire to invest. Our traders analyze and advise on how the market is trending. We also keep you informed through several communication platforms including a live trading chat room, tweets, real time portfolio tracking and weekly top trade ideas.

Subscription Options

Subscription includes access to our membership dashboard, Layup Trades private Twitter stream, a members only discord chatroom, the daily plan (a quick read of the day ahead and possible trades), and weekly plan on ES, NQ, and AAPL.

Meet our analysts

Josh Vala

Josh has been trading OTC since 2009, and options since 2012. He predominately uses Fibonacci retracement and volume profile as his technical analysis tools to best determine the proper risk and reward for entry and exits.

Ash (Aka Oblique)

Ash started his long journey from Options then Equities day trading before finally focusing in futures trading. Focusing on the Emini S&P500, incorporates Orderflow, Market profile and Cycles to create Weekly Plans & Daily Plans to navigate the markets.

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Each plan begins with a two week trial period for $20. After the two week trial period is complete you will begin the membership subscription based on the plan you selected when signing up. If after the trial period you do not cancel your subscription, we will assume you have enjoyed the service and you will automatically be billed for the plan you selected.
LayupTrades trades both the futures market (predominately the S&P and Nasdaq) as well as stock options (both directional and spreads)
Trades are usually held between 1-14 days with the average hold for the service being 6 days.
The predominate communication tool for the service is our private Twitter handle. We also have a chatroom which is available for all members.
On average the service sends around 12 alerts per month. However, there is no mandate for a quota.
While there is no set mandate on a certain quota, the option service averages alerting around 14 trades per month, with some months as high as 26 and some as low as 4.
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