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Core Features

Automated Alerts

Get stock trading notifications sent straight to your mobile device! An alert notification is generated the moment one of our traders enters or exits a trade, this way you know exactly what our experts are doing! When you subscribe with Layup Trades, you gain access to a private Twitter page with important updates on trade alerts, the stock market, our trader’s swing trading strategies, and information on how to trade your stocks.


No time to follow the market? When subscribing to Layup Trades, we follow it for you and advise you on how it's trending. Our traders will keep you informed through several communication platforms including a live trading chat room, tweets, real time portfolio tracking and a weekly newsletter on top trade ideas.

Clear Communication

Your money is important to you, and it’s important to us too. Layup Trades strives to deliver clear communication to its subscribers around the clock. With continuous updates and streamlined communications, you can count on us to make sure your trades are headed in the right direction. Our avid traders will deliver communication when an entry is made, a target is followed, or there is a conscious stop out.


When you succeed, we succeed. By sharing our traders every detail and strategy, it allows for a clearer understanding of Swing trading. Our intention is to provide great trade alerts and thorough elaborations on what it take to be a successful trader.

Greater Profits

Experience increased profit potential with Layup Trades’ swing trading. Stock market studies show that the best way to increase your return on investment and probability of success is to increase your hold time. Our traders are not afraid to enter the market with an aggressive yet calculated approach. With each elaborate opinion, Layup Trades is complemented by it gross, net, and year to date growth.

Mobile Friendly

Never miss an alert when it comes to the stock market and your trades or investments! Access your account from anywhere, at anytime, and around anyone. With high privacy features, custom subscriber list, and a secure email system, we are able to provide the most up to date information with trading stocks. We use channels that are easy and convenient to our subscriber across the nation.

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Convenient Research

You don’t need to spend countless hours hunting for trades, let us do that for you -- we’ll work hard to find the best trades so you don’t have to.

Timely Notifications

As soon as we enter a trade, you will get a mobile notification highlighting our entry, target, and stop out.

Transparent Updates

Keep track of all of our positions through our portfolio tracking feature // receive updates as soon as we close out of a trade.

Pricing Plans

Competitive pricing plans to suit your needs

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$ 99 /MO

  • Two week trial
  • Top trade ideas every weekend
  • Private twitter stream access
  • Mobile notifications
  • Real time portfolio tracking
  • Member only chat room
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$ 1000 /YR

  • Two week trial
  • Top trade ideas every weekend
  • Private twitter stream access
  • Mobile notifications
  • Real time portfolio tracking
  • Member only chat room
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About our Traders

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Josh Vala @JMVala_Trades

Josh started trading in 2009 with penny stocks and slowly moved into futures and options trading. His trading style incorporates Fibonacci Retracements and Volume Profile to find the best reward to risk for entry and exit points. Josh is an eligible bachelor from Springfield, IL.


Each plan begins with a two week trial period for $20. After the two week trial period is complete you will begin the membership subscription based on the plan you selected when signing up. If after the trial period you do not cancel your subscription, we will assume you have enjoyed the service and you will automatically be billed for the plan you selected.
We typically trade large cap stocks.
We trade both. Any stock trade alert can be executed with an option trade instead, and any option trade alert can be executed using the stock instead. Roughly 60% of the alerts are stocks and 40% are options.
We swing trade.
Swing trading is a trading strategy where you anticipate being in the trade for a few days, weeks, or even months.
Each trade is different, but we generally expect to be in trades for 3-10 days. We rarely anticipate being in a trade for more than 1 month.